Now we know how to destroy Jeff Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions marched into public Senate hearings today facing more pressure than he ever has in his life, being equally in danger of going down in scandal and being fired. He tried to split the difference. But in the process, Sessions unwittingly revealed something far more vulnerable about himself – and it’s something…

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Jeff Sessions is a coward

When Jeff Sessions heads into his nationally televised Senate testimony today, the choices he makes and the answers he provides will define how history remembers him. He could do the right thing, helping to salvage his own legacy and the sanctity of the United States in the process. Or he could do the wrong but…

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Donald Trump’s personal attorney is offering White House staffers the kind of advice that’ll land them in prison

If you’re looking for a sign of just how dire the Russia scandal has grown for Donald Trump, he’s now hired an attorney to personally represent him in the matter. And if you’re looking for a sign of just how dire the scandal has gotten for Trump’s White House staffers, they’re now asking if they…

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