Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman and Jennifer Williams managed to deliver their televised House impeachment testimony earlier today, despite various efforts to derail them on the part of Donald Trump and his allies. But these attacks on the witnesses just keep getting more disgusting – and more criminal in nature. Even though Donald Trump hasn’t used…

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This is bullshit

I’ve never served in the military. Neither have most of you reading this. We all know that there’s a certain kind of respect you try to give to veterans, to people on active duty, and to people in uniform. It’s just common, appreciative, patriotic decency. Unfortunately, these Republican thugs on the House Intelligence Committee just…

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We’re now four hours into televised impeachment hearings involving Jennifer Williams and Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman. These two witnesses are giving devastating testimony against Donald Trump with the entire world watching. So where the heck is Trump? Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted a single word today about either of these witnesses. He hasn’t tweeted anything about…

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