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Bill Palmer: Senior Editor and Founder


Bill is the founder of Palmer Report and covers political and social topics

Tim Faulkner: Contributing Editor


Tim is a ceramic engineer living in Central New York, avid sports fan but finds himself more interested in politics lately

Daniel Cotter: Contributing Editor


Daniel is a lawyer writing and teaching about SCOTUS, and married father of two boys living in Chicago, Illinois.

J.H. Norton: Contributing Editor


J.H. is a communications professional, life-long Democrat, and married father of two boys living in Washington, D.C.

Amy Fowler: Contributing Editor


Amy writes for Palmer Report

Robert Harrington: Contributing Editor


Robert is an American expat living in Britain. He is a portrait painter.

Virginia Masters: Contributing Editor


Virginia is a university & law school graduate, mom, entrepreneur and angry Democrat, hoping for change

Wendy Luxenburg: Contributing Editor


Wendy lives in Chicago and covers politics

Gina Bradbury: Political Writer


Gina is a freelance writer with 20 years experience working in both the federal government and private sector. She is active in grassroots advocacy for progressive policy.

Frank V. D’Ambra: Political Writer

ArticlesFacebookFan PageTwitter

Frank V. D’Ambra is the author of the books Annihilation and The Pledge

Virginia Kugel: Political Writer


Virginia is a lifelong contributor to and supporter of the First Amendment.

Fagan O’Kane Baldwin: Political Writer


Each day: Show kindness, be grateful, learn something new, be moved to tears and make a difference.

Bill Sherrod: Political Writer


Bill is a freelance golfer and avid political observer.

Kevin Spann: Political Writer


Kevin covers southern U.S. politics from Alabama

Alan David Doane: Political Writer


Alan David Doane is a writer and editor from upstate New York with three decades of experience in broadcasting and journalism.

Cliff Fazzolari: Political Writer


Cliff is an Award-Winning Author of Books of Fiction and Non-Fiction including The Big D, Available at Amazon and the blog, “Thoughts of a Common Man.”

Kc Childs: Political Writer


Just a guy and his dog, looking for truth in a world of fake news

Thaddeus Arjuna: Political Writer

ArticlesAuthor portfolio

Thaddeus a recent American retiree living abroad

Scotty Knight: Political Writer


Scotty is the proud dad of one son, a political writer, business owner, pianist, & baseball coach from NW Pennsylvania

Sonya Daniel: Political Writer


Sonya is a musician and voice over artist living blue in a red state. Bless your heart.

Joan Brekken: Political Writer


Joan is a retired clinical pharmacist always for the underdog, a Democrat, a dog lover, and loves to cook!

Christin Palmedo: Political Writer


Christin is a transgendered woman and retired Navy/Coast Guard Vet living in Maine after a lifetime of hurried living.

Nathan Slotnick: Political Writer


Nathan is a college student who is very passionate about the betterment of our great country

Brittnie Vorwerck: Political Writer


Brittnie is a mother, wife, daughter, sister, businesswoman, and democrat surviving in the deep red state of Tennessee. It is the responsibility of every generation to create a better future for the children; now is our time.

Kristin Karnitz: Political Writer


Kristin is a perpetually exhausted Boy Mom. Lover of Country Over Party. Feet, floor, coffee, door.

Keith Chaput: Political Writer


Keith writes for Palmer Report

James Smith: Political Writer


James is an ex British Serviceman who served 20 years as a Medic in the Royal Navy.  Now self employed, James is essentially a Centrist but politically homeless along with millions of others here in the U.K.

Jamie Gilmore: Political Writer


Jamie writes music, creates art with a group of people for a business, and participates in indie filmmaking

Robyn Weaver: Political Writer


Robyn is a freelance writer and a non partisan American citizen

Richard Smith: Political Writer


Richard is an author and policy analyst in Northern Virginia

Reem Al-Omari: Political Writer


Reem is a freelance editor and writer in Denver who is outraged by the current state of things.

Violet Rose: Political Writer


Violet Rose writes for Palmer Report

Allan Farley: Political Writer


Allan has worked as a sports editor, sportswriter, features writer, news writer, political writer, advertising and promotional copywriter, website editor.

Anthony Kawalski: Political Writer

ArticlesTwitterFacebookTwitterFan PageInstagramKawalski.ca

Anthony is an Alliterative Polymath, Creative, Thinker and Broadcaster.

Cyndi Root: Political Writer


Cyndi Root is a writer and artist. She graduated from Yale University (turned down Harvard), where she was an All-American field hockey forward.

Hannah Miyamoto: Political Writer

ArticlesTwitter FreeCaliforniaBroadcasting.com.com

Hannah Miyamoto is a retired lawyer living in Oceanside, California.

AJ Link: Political Writer


AJ is a student at The George Washington University Law School.

Mo Doherty: Political Writer


Dr. Maura Doherty, Ph. D. is an author, teacher, activist, and global citizen

Shawnte Northcutte: Political Writer


Shawnte is a former American actress and Mouseketeer. She currently has a successful real estate career and is also a writer.

Stephen Farris: Political Writer


Stephen is aefender of democracy, and perfecting this imperfect union

Jack Walsh: Political Writer


Jack is a New York-based freelancer, political junkie, and member of the loyal opposition.

Terry Black: Political Writer


Previously a teacher for 19 years, and now an Educational Sales Rep living in New Jersey, Terry is the author of “The Cabana Stories.”

Diane S. Baker: Political Writer


Diane S. Baker is a veteran of the insurance industry; 35 years as a broker and agency owner; Risk Manager for the past 10 years; member of RIMS Society in NY, fluent in 3 languages and lives in Vancouver B.C.

Shelley Zipper: Political Writer


Shelley teaches high school in Brooklyn, NY

Marty Stein: Political Writer


Marty is a lifetime Washington DC area resident, still searching for something.

Don J. Thorpe: Political Writer


Don writes for Palmer Report.

Alan Goldsher: Political Writer


Alan is a novelist, pop culture journalist, and celebrity ghostwriter who has written 14 books

Joe Corbett: Political Writer


Joe watches Fox News and listens to right wing radio out of morbid curiosity

Lola Shahdadi: Political Writer


Lola Shahdadi is a writer and author of therazzledazzlemommy.blog.  Her series “Raising a Baby Activist” began in 2018.

Gordon Groft: Political Writer


Gordon is a writer and part-time rock star with degrees in history and literature and a devastating smile.

Randi Hacker: Political Writer

ArticlesOfficial website

Randi Hacker’s essays have appeared in the New York Times Book Review, Punch and Spy and on the Huffington Post.

Kevin Orr: Political Writer


Kevin covers politics from Austin, Texas

Kristjan Thorsteinson: Political Writer


Kristjan is a journalist focused on dark networks and espionage

Thom Palmer: Political Writer


Thom Palmer (no relation to Bill Palmer) covers political topics


Palmer Report has built a growing and loyal audience based on the timeliness and accuracy of our reporting. At times we’ve been so early to a story that we’ve been questioned for it, only to be fully vindicated weeks or months later as the mainstream media has finally caught up to the story. Just to set the record straight, we keep a running list.

Thank You

Thank you to former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm for encouraging her constituents to read a Palmer Report article.

Thank you to Congressman Ted Lieu for reposting a Palmer Report article on the U.S. House of Representatives website.

Thank you to Newsweek for using Palmer Report as a linked source in one of its recent articles.

Thank you to MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid, Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe, NBC News legal analyst Lisa Bloom, MSNBC intel analyst Malcolm Nance, Governor Howard Dean, Former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell, Pulitzer Prize winner Joyce Carol Oates, Mississippi State Representative Jeramy Anderson, Patricia Arquette, Rosie O’Donnell, Rob Reiner, Mark Hamill, Wil Wheaton, Mira Sorvino, Mark Ruffalo, Barbara Hershey, and Debra Messing for all sharing Palmer Report articles.