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Megyn Kelly is just embarrassing herself

By Bocha Blue | 10/25/2021

Donald Trump’s Willard Hotel nightmare

By Brutal Publicist | 10/25/2021

This is just ugly for Matt Gaetz

By Bocha Blue | 10/25/2021

The January 6th scandal just exploded – and these House Republicans may go down for it

By Bill Palmer | 10/25/2021

This should be it for Lauren Boebert

By Bocha Blue | 10/24/2021

This has been thirty years in the making

By James Sullivan | 10/24/2021

Tucker Carlson is going to get someone killed

By Bocha Blue | 10/24/2021

Rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic

By Robert Harrington | 10/24/2021

Bad news for Kyrsten Sinema

By Bocha Blue | 10/24/2021

Right wing “Christians” go berserk after Pope Francis spells out true Christianity

By Brutal Publicist | 10/24/2021