“The seal has been broken”

It took the Department of Justice a year to slog its way through the lower level people involved in the January 6th Capitol attack, before it had enough evidence to bring criminal indictments yesterday against a double digit number of Oath Keepers leaders.

Not only did it indict them, it did so for seditious conspiracy, which means the DOJ believes it can prosecute January 6th as a criminal conspiracy to overthrow the United States government. Yesterday we predicted that this would open the door for the DOJ to also charge people in Trump world with seditious conspiracy.

It turns out we’re not the only ones who appear to see it that way. Dave Aronberg, the current State Attorney for Palm Beach County, tweeted this: “Seditious conspiracy is a big deal. The last time it was charged was in 2010. The seal has been broken.”


We’ll see where this goes from here. Indicting this many Oath Keepers leaders at once serves the purpose of pitting them all against each other in terms of who’s going to flip on the others first and get the most lenient plea deal. Once one or more of them does flip, we suspect the next round of seditious conspiracy charges will be aimed at Trump world figures with connections to the Oath Keepers.

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