Laura Ingraham on the hot seat

The Fox non-news hosts keep finding themselves on the hot seat. It appears they never can get off of it. This is most likely because they’re corrupt, craven windbags. And now Laura Ingraham may have some questions to answer. In the letter to Kevin McCarthy, written by the January 6 committee they made mention of a text that appeared to be between Ingraham and — who else — Mark Meadows.

And what is said is very disturbing. “Remarks on camera discouraging protest at state capitols esp with weapons will be well advised, given how hot the situation is,” Ingraham says. “Everyone needs to calm down.” the Nurse Ratched clone went on.

But Laura — I thought there was no insurrection? It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest Ingraham is the next to be subpoenaed. Not that I expect her to do the right thing — this IS, after all, a woman whose own brother calls her a “monster.”


But I continue to marvel at Fox. The insurrection is revealing them. And it is showing that these people aren’t journalists so much as paid, self-satisfied Trump advisors — smug, snotty, and willing to do whatever it takes to promote the fallacies of the big lie.

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