Sounds like the Oath Keepers leadership is already eager to flip on the Trump regime

When the DOJ arrested a double digit number of Oath Keepers leaders on the same day this week, it felt like the DOJ was pitting them against each other to see who would cut a deal first before the others could. Of course such a deal would require flipping on not only the other Oath Keepers, but also the people on the next rung up the ladder in the January 6th seditious conspiracy – namely Trump world.

Now an attorney for Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes appears to already be signaling an eagerness to flip on Trump world. The attorney told CNN that the group’s actions in relation to January 6th were based on the “fanciful idea that … Trump was going to activate them as a militia under the insurrection act.”

As legal expert Joyce Vance tweeted in response to this news, unless this was a mere hallucination on their part, someone in the Trump regime seemingly would need to have told them that Donald Trump was going to invoke the insurrection act. If Rhodes has proof of such communications, it could shave significant time off the up to twenty years he’s facing in prison.


If the DOJ can get the Oath Keepers to flip on their January 6th liaison in the Trump regime, whether it was Roger Stone or Alex Jones or someone else, then the DOJ can try to push that person to flip on Donald Trump himself. So it’ll be important to keep an eye on the rhetoric that continues to come from the Oath Keepers legal team in the coming days and weeks. If they keep pointing the finger in a certain direction, it’ll be a strong hint that they’re looking to cut a deal.

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