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Donald Trump is blowing it with the jury

By Bocha Blue | 05/20/2024

Turns out the Republicans showing up to Donald Trump’s criminal trial are only making it worse for him

By Bill Palmer | 05/20/2024

I need your help

By Bill Palmer | 05/20/2024

We’re back to the main even today – with a bang

By Bill Palmer | 05/20/2024

Donald Trump suffers malfunction

By Bocha Blue | 05/20/2024

The dumbest man in the room

By Bocha Blue | 05/19/2024

Here comes the verdict… but what about the sentence?

By Robert Harrington | 05/19/2024

Donald Trump is trying to weasel out of it already

By Bocha Blue | 05/19/2024

“I know cans” – Donald Trump goes on senile bender for the ages

By Bill Palmer | 05/19/2024

This is just humiliating for Marjorie Taylor Greene

By Shirley Kennedy | 05/19/2024


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