Trump stooge Brit Hume gets eaten alive

It is never a good thing for a pundit when they embarrass themselves publicly. Bad, bad things can happen when the pundit does that. And for the cardboard cutout known as Brit Hume, the time for public embarrassment is now.

Hume is yet another member of the non-news network called Fox. And he gives new meaning to the word “bland.” But Hume also has found a new way of being publicly “owned.” And he unintentionally delighted Twitter in the process.

It all started with a tweet from Hume. Being that he works for Fox, he no doubt had his talking points firmly in hand. Hume tweeted out this beauty: “Here’s a thought. Let’s base our view on whether 1/6 was “an insurrection” on whether those arrested are charged with insurrection. So far, none has been.”

This was not a good thing for Hume to tweet. Faster than one could say “Hume and doom,” the news hit the public, a few hours later. AG Garland had indicted members of the Oath Keepers for seditious conspiracy.

Given that Hume had just tweeted this nonsense hours before the news hit let’s just say it was not a good day for this particular Fox pundit. And Twitter noticed. Mr. Hume was promptly ratioed. However, the cardboard man still didn’t take the tweet down, which remains even as I write this. Here are some of the best responses to Hume’s idiotic tweet. And you’d better believe some of them are hysterical:

“This talking point lasted less than three hours.”


“Ask, and you shall receive.”

“Update, update! Read all about it.!”

“Turn on the news.”

“Your eight ball is malfunctioning.”

“Great sources you got, Hume.”

“I’m just here to laugh at you.”

“5 minutes later…”

“Thank you for getting the ball rolling, Brit.”

“Bad-take Brit.”

“Well, aren’t you the precious wordsmith?”


As you can see, Hume did not have a good day. Perhaps if he would stop tweeting fake Fox non-news talking points, his time on Twitter might improve.

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