Steve Bannon had to know this was coming

By Shirley Kennedy | 10/22/2021

Donald Trump is desperate

By Bocha Blue | 10/22/2021

House Republicans just screwed themselves with this one

By Bill Palmer | 10/22/2021

“The sky is falling!”

By Bocha Blue | 10/21/2021

Donald Trump’s new social network is even more of a joke than we thought

By James Sullivan | 10/21/2021

Steve Bannon just got destroyed

By Bocha Blue | 10/21/2021

Even for Jim Jordan this is completely insane

By Bocha Blue | 10/21/2021

Matt Gaetz’s nightmare just got even uglier

By Bill Palmer | 10/21/2021

This Senate race is already going south for Donald Trump and Herschel Walker

By Shirley Kennedy | 10/21/2021

Donald Trump’s enemies are advancing

By Bocha Blue | 10/21/2021