Paul Gosar just unwittingly handed us a huge gift

By Bill Palmer | 11/18/2021

January 6th attackers are running into new trouble in prison

By Robert Harrington | 11/18/2021

Chris Christie’s book tour lands with a thud

By James Sullivan | 11/18/2021

So much for Merrick Garland doing “nothing.” Now it looks like he’s off to the races.

By Bill Palmer | 11/18/2021

The real reason House Republicans are afraid to do do anything about Paul Gosar

By Robert Harrington | 11/18/2021

This is just despicable

By Shirley Kennedy | 11/18/2021

Mike Pence is facing a no-win scenario

By Bocha Blue | 11/18/2021

Donald Trump just gave away how finished he is

By Bill Palmer | 11/18/2021

Lauren Boebert and Matt Gaetz just gave away that they’re both afraid of what’s coming next

By Bill Palmer | 11/18/2021

So this was a win for the Joe Biden administration after all

By James Sullivan | 11/17/2021


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