Good for Jill Biden

It was born in 1979. And it still exists today. The Floriana Restaurant sits majestically in Washington DC. Well known and loved, it features some of the most delicious Italian food one could ever ask for. Each dish is handcrafted. As the restaurant says:

“Once inside, you can smell the difference, one bite, and you’ll taste it. Swallow, and the feeling of delight will continue.”

Judging by the hundreds of glowing reviews, their customers seem to definitely feel the delight! And every year, this charming establishment puts up an annual Christmas tree — with a theme. The owners and managers had been pondering what this year’s theme should be. And an idea came to mind. Why not honor the best of the best? Why not honor America’s teachers? And why not honor the queen of teachers herself, Dr. Jill Biden?

So that is what they decided to do.

The tree will be 17-feet long and is being designed right now. It will feature nostalgic decor such as a fresh apple sitting cheerfully on the desk of an educator.

It will feature thousands of lights, and at the very top of the tree, pictures of the First lady herself, Jill Biden, will sit. The restaurant said they wanted to do this to honor educators who have been through so much during these Covid times.


This tree, which is expected to be completed very soon, will bring the holiday magic, no doubt about that. And no doubt it will be as beautiful as the delicious food of this delightful establishment that knows and recognizes the spirit of giving back.

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