Susan Collins is concerned

Don’t you hate phonies? I do. Some politicians show their souls early in the game. One knows exactly what one will get with these folks. And then there are those others. The ones who try to appear mysterious, yet all they look like, are dishonest fools. And I can think of nobody — absolutely nobody — who personifies the word “phony” better than Susan Collins.

Losin’ Susan has tried with all her concerned might to convince the American people she has our best interests at heart. She has also tried to convince us she is truly an independent thinker.

Only she’s not. Collins is more clever than people give her credit for. Beneath that furrowed brow of concern lurks a shrewd brain that is as interested in power as any Republican — no matter whom it might hurt.

When Brett Kavanaugh was nominated for the Supreme Court, Collins made a big stink of how carefully she was considering his nomination. I do not believe she was. I think that Collins knew all along she’d vote for Kavanaugh.

Why do I believe this? Because at heart, Susan lacks the fire and the will to stand up for anyone. A few other things of note. Collins has come out and said she supports codifying Roe. Only she must know, as of right this minute; we do not have the votes to do this. So her empty words mean nothing. They are, after all, just words.

And I believe in the phrase “watch what they do, not what they say.” So, let’s watch Losin’ Susan. WHAT has she done for us lately? Can anyone think of a thing?

When voting for Kavanaugh, Collins used a few different explanations, none of which made sense to me, although perhaps they will to you. She said she was confident he wouldn’t overturn Roe because she’d talked to him. To that, I say, Losin’ Susan is either lying or the worst judge of character in the world. I’m guessing the first explanation is the correct explanation.

Second, she complained about Democrats attacking her over her indecisiveness. I say — if you can’t take the heat, Susie gets out of the kitchen. We were not attacking you. We were holding your feet to the fire — asking you to do precisely as you’d SAID you’d do –uphold Roe.


And now she has failed — the large “F” may as well be a scarlet letter of failure. Collins has doomed her place in history. Any accomplishments she has made will now be forgotten. She will be remembered for her fake platitudes, insincerity, and yes, for her phoniness.

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