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FBI reportedly raids home of Lauren Boebert’s former campaign manager

By Bill Palmer | 11/17/2021

So this is what winning looks like

By James Sullivan | 11/17/2021

Donald Trump’s disastrous Mike Lindell meltdown is one for the ages

By Bocha Blue | 11/17/2021

Chuck Todd bottoms out in stupendously idiotic fashion

By Bill Palmer | 11/17/2021

Why Beto has a real chance

By Bocha Blue | 11/17/2021

Strange developments in the trial of Ahmaud Arbery’s killers

By Shirley Kennedy | 11/17/2021

The Biden infrastructure package is already having a positive impact

By Bocha Blue | 11/17/2021

Criminal probe connected to Joel Greenberg and Matt Gaetz takes another turn

By Bill Palmer | 11/17/2021

Steve Bannon is unraveling

By Bocha Blue | 11/16/2021

Donald Trump Jr event canceled due to his connection to “violence” and “terrorism”

By Bill Palmer | 11/16/2021