“Rona Ron” DeSantis gets it thrown in his face

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There can be no denying that Florida non-Governor Ron DeSantis is a toxic germ for the state of Florida, who must be defeated in the midterm elections. DeSantis has done so much harm to Florida it’s almost incomprehensible. And he appears to feel no remorse. Quite the contrary, he does appear emboldened. That’s why we must thank “Protect Our Care, Florida.”

Who is Protect our Care, Florida?

They’re a group who isn’t all that fond of the destructive Governor. And per Florida Politics, they decided to remind some Floridians of just how badly Ronnie has bungled the handling of Covid-19.

“RONA RON” was the gigantic billboard that appeared outside the Florida Capitol.And it positively blazed with truth.

“RONA RON,” it read in gigantic yellow letters.

Below that, it said: “Prolonging the Pandemic Playing Politics. Putting lives at risk.”

How lovely! And one can be sure DeSantis, who apparently thinks we’re ALL out to get him with our endless criticisms, wouldn’t have been happy about this. Why would he want to see a mischievous and stirringly honest billboard cheerfully reminding him of his own failures?

RONA RON quickly made it to Twitter, where pictures of this lovely and truthful billboard were tweeted out. The nickname also appears to have stuck.

I must thank this group for their creativity. In the meantime, we’re all still waiting with bated breath for Rona Ron to denounce the infiltration of Nazis to Orlando’s overpasses. So far, he hasn’t said much except to whine about how he’s being “attacked.”

In still more news about Rona Ron, it is being reported that both he and his rival assolini will speak at CPAC in Orlando. This is an event I’d recommend you skip as it is bound to be filled with unmasked Republicans, wacky conspiracy clowns, and perhaps a few QAnon members thrown in for good measure.

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