Marjorie Taylor Greene’s one two punch

A pair of recent events showcases the danger Marjorie Taylor Greene poses as she remains in Congress. Greene began her tenure representing Georgia’s 14th district in the House of Representatives wearing a “Trump Won” facemask, and she has been spinning off the rails ever since. Her accomplishment over the past year has been demonstrating what a risk she poses to the country as a federal lawmaker.

Constituents want their elected leaders to show accountability. This means not being afraid to engage in respectful dialogue even with constituents who disagree or offer criticism. Greene proved last week that she is uninterested, if not incapable, of responding to dissenters in her district with intelligence and compassion, even failing to recognize opportunities to score political points while promoting her twisted agenda.

When Greene appeared on Night Talk, a local TV show in Georgia, last Wednesday, constituents called in to express their displeasure. One constituent labeled her “an embarrassment to the state of Georgia” after declaring, “Thank God for Joe Biden.” Another caller later berated Greene for refusing to accept Biden’s win. “You’re going to keep on, and keep on, and peck, peck, peck! And you’re not going to get anything done.”

Although one of the show’s hosts managed to utter, “Well, we all have our opinions,” Greene sat in silence. Given how fanatically passionate Greene appears to be about so many topics, you might think she would take the opportunity to acknowledge these callers’ words, state how she represents all the people of her district, and then seize the opportunity to make her case to the local audience. Instead, Greene ignored what she did not wish to hear and cowered in the face of dissent, proving herself incapable of leadership.

Thanks to new footage posted on Tuesday of a Ringgold town hall event the evening prior to Greene’s embarrassing Night Talk appearance, we have a clear picture of how Greene embraces friendly comments no matter how perverse or violent they may be. Not only is Greene quick to affirm what fans say, but the more threatening their comments are to her political enemies, the louder she laughs.

When a man suggested building a wall around the White House and locking Nancy Pelosi (who does not even work there) inside, Greene cackled. “Exactly!” she cried. The man continued, claiming it “would solve our problems.” Greene repeated “Exactly!” and then invited the audience to come to work with her to share their ideas. When the man lamented “[t]hey won’t let me bring dynamite,” Greene affirmed that violent thought with another loud laugh before taking the next question.

Holly McCormack, who is running against Greene in the November election, tweeted that she tried to attend Greene’s town hall as a constituent “but because I am a Democrat, I was kicked out and not allowed to ask my Representative a question.” She added that such censorship “won’t happen when I’m in Congress.” McCormack then put it best in a follow-up tweet: “Marjorie Taylor Greene kicked me out of her town hall. I am going to kick her out of Congress.”