It’s going to rain on Donald Trump’s inauguration parade, literally

Donald Trump’s attempt at cobbling together an inauguration in the face of massive public backlash and boycott has proven to be a largely fruitless effort. He’s been turned down by so many musicians that even the Bruce Springsteen tribute band has decided to cancel. He’s reportedly using paid seat fillers to cover for the lack of public attendance. And now it turns out it’s overwhelmingly likely to rain on his parade. Quite literally.

In what couldn’t be more fitting symbolism for how poorly Trump’s inauguration is coming together and how thoroughly the majority of Americans don’t want him to be inaugurated, it’s almost certainly going to be raining during his outdoor inauguration ceremony on Friday. Here’s what the Weather Channel has to say about it: “Rain showers in the morning will evolve into a more steady rain in the afternoon. High around 50F. Winds SE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 90%.”

Weather forecasts can change, and there are still three days to go. But as of now it sure sounds like Donald Trump will be standing in the rain while he’s being sworn in — and the D list musicians and paid seat fillers who show up will be getting all wet for their trouble.


To recap, Trump has now been rejected by everyone from Elton John to Garth Brooks to Andrea Bocelli to Celine Dion. He’s left settling for Toby Keith and 3 Doors Down as his headlining acts. And the paid seat fillers are not a good look.

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