Donald Trump is now illegally trying to sell magazine subscriptions to Golf Digest

It doesn’t appear Donald Trump learned anything from his L.L. Bean fiasco last week. He used his Twitter account to promote the retailer, after one of its board members had donated a significant amount of money to his campaign. This prompted the Office of Government Ethics to issue a public reminder that such endorsements by public office holders rae illegal. But undeterred, Trump is now trying to sell subscriptions to Golf Digest magazine.

Trump got himself into ethical trouble again today when he retweeted a tweet from his son, Eric Trump, which depicted a special issue of Golf Digest. Donald Trump’s interest in this particular magazine issue was obvious enough, as it just happens to have him on the front cover. And if Trump had simply been tweeting or retweeting the magazine cover depicting him, or even a link to the cover story written about him he could have argued that he was doing so for relevant editorial reasons. But instead he included a link which goes directly to a subscription page for Golf Digest.


In other words, Donald Trump is encouraging people to sign up for a paid subscription to Golf Digest, as a reward for the fact that the magazine put him on the cover of its special issue. And that’s simply not legal. It’s one more little thing to add to the massive pile of things the Democrats will look to impeach him for if they retake Congress in 2018.

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