Bruce Springsteen tribute band cancels on Donald Trump inauguration

Four days ago Palmer Report reported that after Donald Trump found himself unable to book A-list musical talent for his inauguration, he ended up settling for a Bruce Springsteen tribute band instead. But after facing controversy over the decision, the tribute band announced today that they’re canceling on Trump.

The leader of the “B-Street Band” had expressed concern late last week that the real Bruce Springsteen, with whom the tribute band appears to have a cordial relationship, might be offended at the decision. After all, Springsteen has famously rejected Donald Trump as being unfit for office. And now the tribute band put out a statement saying that “Our decision [to cancel] is based solely on the respect and gratitude we have for Bruce and the E Street Band.”


This means Donald Trump has now been turned down by everyone from Elton John to Garth Brooks to Andrea Bocelli to Celine Dion — as well as a Springsteen cover band.

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