Here come the fireworks

By Bill Palmer | 12/21/2021

Donald Trump has a racketeering problem in New York

By TR Kenneth | 12/20/2021

Fox News has a whole new problem

By Bocha Blue | 12/20/2021

Donald Trump gives away how worried he is about where this is heading

By Robert Harrington | 12/20/2021

January 6th Committee looking at criminal referral against Donald Trump for wire fraud and other charges

By Bill Palmer | 12/20/2021

January 6th Committee formally targets House Republican Scott Perry

By Bill Palmer | 12/20/2021

Donald Trump Jr. goes completely off the deep end

By Bocha Blue | 12/20/2021

Another one bites the dust

By Jesse Green | 12/20/2021

Actually, Joe Biden is kicking ass

By Shirley Kennedy | 12/20/2021

Roger Stone just threw Steve Bannon under the bus

By Fair Observer | 12/20/2021


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