These MAGA loons are further off the deep end than ever

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The anger of Maga has no rhyme or reason to it. The one thing you can count on with Maga is that their rage will be over something stupid. But what’s really frightening is the sheep mentality of Maga. I find it endlessly amusing that so many Maga screech about “freedom” when all they practice is docility. Think about it.

Maga never goes against what “the machine” says. The machine for Maga is anybody saying anything that in their tiny brains “owns the libs.” They appear to think that is the only thing true knowledge requires.

I did an experiment once. When Maga was yammering about how January 6th wasn’t really anything other than a warm and breezy outdoor picnic, I challenged them. I said it WAS something. The answers were so sheep-like. I was shocked I didn’t hear “Baa!”

This universal response? WHAT ABOUT ANTIFA? WHAT ABOUT PORTLAND? So, you know what I did? I said, “I condemn ALL violence from ANYONE — do you?” And then, like Keyser Soze himself — they were gone. Vanished.

See, they couldn’t answer me because it might thin the sheep herd. I imagine many of them didn’t know what to say.

A very rare few DID condemn all violence — but that was the exception rather than the rule.

Here is an example of the Maga Sheeple that’s happening right now: Their latest source of rage? Chelsea Clinton. Now you might ask why. Don’t. To know Maga is to know you cannot ask why because they don’t know themselves. As far as I can see, the only answer is because they were told not to like her.

This conflict seems to have arisen from a tweet from professional has-been Megyn Kelly pointing Maga toward an article by Glenn Greenwald.

Kelly recommends reading said article adding the part that really struck her as good was about “spoiled, holier-than-Thou Chelsea Clinton.” See where this is going? Faster than you could say, “follow in lockstep,” the sharks were circling. “Chelsea is SPOILED!!” screamed the critters. “How is she worth millions?” fumed another.

Of course, if one sat a Maga down and asked if Chelsea Clinton had any relevance to their own life, I imagine most wouldn’t be able to say yes. And yet they’re infuriated — because of NOTHING — absolutely nothing — but the word of another sheeple. So the secret to Maga is understanding they’re empty. There is no core there within them. And there never will be.

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