Donald Trump is using the “the dumbest strategy imaginable”

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Once Donald Trump was declared the loser of the 2020 election by seven million votes, it was clear that he had no political future. Once Trump incited an insurrection, it was clear that the rest of his life would consist of nothing but trying to fend off bankruptcy and prison.

But for some reason most pundits, on TV and online, have decided that this isn’t a ratings-friendly enough narrative. So instead of running with the obvious truth, they’ve spent the past year insisting – in increasingly hyperbolic fashion – that Trump will “get away with it all” and then somehow magically win in 2024.

We could write a book about all the reasons why this won’t happen. His pathetic approval rating isn’t even close to the range that would make him viable. In fact polls consistently show that roughly half of registered Republicans want anyone but Trump to be the nominee. Even though no one has emerged as a viable alternative, they just want anyone but Trump. There’s also a reason why Trump’s handlers very rarely allow him to speak in public: each time he does, he reminds the general public that his cognitive abilities have failed to the point that he could never even come close to putting together a 2024 campaign. Then there’s the fact that Trump is a clear path to prison.

At this point it’s merely a question of whether the District Attorney in New York City or Fulton County Georgia, each of whom reportedly has a grand jury going against Donald Trump, ends up indicting him first. If the DOJ also ends up indicting Trump on federal charges, that’ll be icing on the cake.

Over the weekend Trump vowed to not only somehow magically become President in 2024, but to also pardon the January 6th Capitol attackers once he does. While this is all a mere fantasy aimed at getting people on our side to cower to him, it’s still felony obstruction of justice on his part.

Legal expert Laurence Tribe, who has a long history with Attorney General Merrick Garland, tweeted last night that Donald Trump is “daring AG Garland to do his duty. I know Merrick Garland well enough to say: Trump’s is the dumbest strategy imaginable.”

We agree. Trump is not carrying out some secret evil genius strategy here. He’s a defeated, broken, and largely silenced loser who, instead of quietly disappearing and hoping that history forgets him, is using his very limited remaining bandwidth to make it a far easier decision for the DOJ to indict him – and in fact Trump is making it far harder for the DOJ not to indict him.

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