Don’t let them off the hook now

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There’s a reason Republicans are losing. Trump is first and foremost, but there’s another reason. Sure, we’ve been lambasting Trump as a fascist dictator for more than five years now, we’ve been calling for FULL investigations into his traitorous dealings with the Russians, and we have serious horror at the Ghislaine Maxwell/Jeffrey Epstein connections. But we’re also concerned how hijacked the Republican Party has become. Not only are they behind offering the January 6th coup attempters pardons, but they are demanding to investigate the investigators.

The Republican Party needs to be replaced ASAP. For decades it’s been power at any cost and it’s now getting dangerous. We need two parties in this country for democracy to flourish, but we do not need this one. Republicans turn a blind eye to Nazism in Florida, they’ve promoted the anti-vax movement which has kept the virus in circulation, and they’re fine with alleged pedophiles being on the judicial committee. They’ve got to go. Trump & Co. have just been the symptom of what ails the party. Republicans have lost all morals and decency in their grab for power, and it’s time they pay the price.

Voting rights must be passed to get this done. In addition, we must start asking real questions. Every single reporter needs to clearly and succinctly be asked their stance on Nazis. They can lose their base if they claim Nazis are bad, or they can squirm and try to weasel out of it. But we want to know every politician’s stance on this right now. Then let the final destruction of this foul party begin.

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