Today is going to be absolutely bonkers

It’s sometime after midnight on the east coast, meaning that it’s tomorrow already, and I couldn’t begin to tell you what’s going to happen once the sun comes up. I mean, we know what the chess board looks like as the day begins. It’s just that is some kind of bizarro Alice through the looking glass chess board where half the pieces are moving at the same time, some of the pieces are invisible, other pieces are on hallucinogenic drugs, and some of these chess pieces are just little statues of Rudy Giuliani making various pained faces. So let’s see what we’re really looking at here.

At last count – and I haven’t checked the newswires in the last thirty seconds, so this could all have changed by now – Robert Mueller has caught Donald Trump and Paul Manafort criminally conspiring against him. The Guardian has caught Manafort having met with Julian Assange during the election. The State Department was dumb enough to announce on its official website that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Ecuador just hours before the Manafort story surfaced. Hmm, can’t imagine what they were talking about. Let’s see, what else?

House Democrats have just announced they’re going to target Donald Trump Jr the minute they’re in charge, and it can’t possibly be a coincidence that Manafort was also in Junior’s meeting with the Russians, because nothing in this scandal is a coincidence. Rudy Giuliani keeps confessing to things, but that’s nothing new. Maria Butina is demanding to be let out of solitary confinement – not out of jail, mind you, just out of solitary – because, well, make up your own reason.

Jerome Corsi has sold out Roger Stone, to the point that Stone is now using social media to accuse Corsi of all kinds of disturbing things, but Corsi is still refusing to sign his plea deal, and he decided to give a copy of his pending indictment to the media, even though it incriminates him. If anything in that last sentence makes any logical sense to you at all, then it’s possible you’re as much of a nutcase as Corsi is.

Then there’s Donald Trump. He’s spent all day melting down, naturally. But while he started the day ranting about Robert Mueller, he ended it by randomly and inexplicably making fun of Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes. Yeah, Trump really has his head in the game – or perhaps in a bowl of methamphetamines. No wonder his legal team has begun floating a senility defense.

It was the fictional movie version of Watergate’s Deep Throat who said that “these are not very bright guys, and things got out of hand.” Take that, multiply it by a number higher than Donald Trump can count to, and that’s where the Trump-Russia scandal is right now. Everything is coming to a head, and the bad guys have all lost what little minds they may have had. Too many things are on a collision course right now. Today, as the sun comes up and it unfolds, is going to be absolutely bonkers.