Donald Trump has completely incoherent late night meltdown after he and Manafort get busted

WHAT? On a day in which Donald Trump was caught conspiring with Paul Manafort to illegally obstruct the Trump-Russia investigation, and Manafort was caught having met with Julian Assange during the election, you’d think Trump might be focused on – I don’t know – anything coherent. Instead, he’s having a late night meltdown that’s so bizarre considering everything that’s playing out, I don’t know where to start.

Here’s what Donald Trump tweeted tonight: “Brenda Snipes, in charge of voting in Broward County, Florida, was just spotted wearing a beautiful dress with 300 I VOTED signs on it. Just kidding, she is a fine, very honorable and highly respected voting tactician!” Wait, what?. She’s not even in the news today. Trump appears to have woken up from a nap after having ingested some bad mushrooms, and flashed back to the Florida recount saga.

Then again, considering that this tweet uses (and correctly spells) the word “tactician,” there’s a decent chance that Donald Trump had nothing to do with this tweet, and his staff posted it while he was indeed engaged in some hallucinogenic, ahem, executive time.

This has been a long day full of a lot of important, jarring, treasonous, and historically significant news. It’s just a bit flummoxing to see that, at the end of it all, Donald Trump – or even his staff – thinks that a weak and weird joke about voting in Florida is somehow the way to distract everyone from what happened today. Tomorrow’s headlines will be about Trump and treason, not about whatever cutesy crap Trump might tweet tonight.