Donald Trump’s legal team has conniption after his name is included in Trump-Russia indictment

This just keeps getting stranger. Jerome Corsi announced last week that he was about to get indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Then he announced that he was negotiating a plea deal with Mueller. Then he announced that he would not sign the plea deal. Then he publicly released a copy of his own indictment, which may or may not have been filed yet against him. But Donald Trump and his legal team are throwing a fit about the fact that Trump is mentioned in the indictment. Huh?

After Robert Mueller gave Jerome Corsi a draft copy of the indictment that was about to get filed, Corsi gave a copy to Donald Trump’s legal team. This happened about two weeks ago, according to new reporting tonight from the Washington Post. Trump’s legal team then “lodged a complaint with the Justice Department about the inclusion of Trump’s name in the draft filing.”

Okay, so Donald Trump and his lawyers didn’t like that Trump’s name was mentioned in this criminal indictment of Jerome Corsi, even though it was a secret document that the public had not seen. But now Corsi – who is supposedly working with Trump – has publicly released the indictment, allowing the whole world to see that Trump’s name is mentioned in it. Isn’t this precisely what Trump and his legal team were fighting against?

At this point it’s fair to say that these people are not behaving rationally, they’re not on the same page with each other, and they’re not remotely competent at any of this to begin with. Corsi simply had to sign a piece of paper to avoid prison time, but he refused. Trump was outraged that he was named in a secret indictment, which his ally Corsi then made public. These are not the brightest bulbs in the tulip factory.