Rudy Giuliani just nailed himself

For quite awhile now, it’s been clear that Rudy Giuliani was in definite, yet somewhat ill defined, legal trouble. Months ago he essentially admitted that he’s under DOJ investigation for his role in the Trump election conspiracy. It’s not difficult to figure out that he became Trump’s lawyer to try to save himself. Now it turns out Rudy has nailed himself instead.

Tonight we learned that even after Paul Manafort entered a cooperating plea agreement with Special Counsel Robert Mueller several weeks ago, Manafort and his attorneys secretly shared information about the investigation with Donald Trump and his lawyers. Because no one has ever done something so brazenly stupid before, there has been some question among pundits tonight as to whether this was a crime. But now one of Giuliani’s own former colleagues is spelling it out pretty clearly.

Mary Shannon Little posted this tweet just now: “When I was a prosecutor working for Rudy Giuliani, if a defense lawyer representing a cooperating witness continued to participate in a joint defense agreement, he would have investigated that lawyer and others in the joint defense for obstruction of justice.” This means, in effect, that Rudy can’t try to argue that he didn’t know what he was doing was illegal.

We’ll surely see that particular defense used by Paul Manafort’s attorney, who could potentially face anything from disbarment to felony obstruction of justice charges, and we have no way of knowing how that’ll play out. Perhaps he can successfully argue that he truly didn’t know what he doing was illegal. But when it comes to Rudy Giuliani, he just nailed himself.