Nancy Pelosi reveals that Donald Trump had a “meltdown” and started attacking her during their private meeting today

Donald Trump met behind closed doors this afternoon with Democratic House and Senate leaders, who tried to convince Trump to come to his senses on his deadly Syria debacle. Suffice it to say that it didn’t go well. In fact Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi flatly characterized Trump’s behavior during the meeting as a “meltdown.”

During a press conference after the meeting, Nancy Pelosi said that “what we witnessed on the part of the president was a meltdown, sad to say.” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer condemned Donald Trump for the manner in which he attacked Pelosi during the meeting; Trump reportedly called Pelosi a “third rate politician.”

According to Schumer, Donald Trump also inexplicably claimed during the meeting that a number of ISIS terrorists are “communists.” Trump then asserted that this must please Pelosi. What’s being described here is the complete unraveling of a deeply disturbed and mentally unstable man who can’t handle the fact that his presidency is unraveling in real time.

This comes even as Donald Trump’s favorite puppet Lindsey Graham has begun attacking him over his Syria pullout, and more than a hundred House Republicans voted to condemn Trump for the pullout. Trump also went out of his way today to sabotage Mike Pence’s attempt at convincing the President of Turkey to stop killing the Kurds. Trump seems to be trying to finish himself off as quickly as possible.

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