Donald Trump just crapped all over Mike Pence

Right now Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo are in Turkey, begging for a meeting with President Erdogan, so they can beg him to stop invading northern Syria and murdering the U.S.-allied Kurds. This whole thing is going nowhere fast as it is. But now Donald Trump just opened his mouth and made sure it’s going nowhere.

Donald Trump just sat in front of the TV cameras and asserted that Turkey’s invasion of Syria has “nothing to do with us.” No really, he said that – and he said it while his own Vice President and Secretary of State are on the other side of the world, begging Turkey to call it off. What is even going on here?

It would be one thing to say that these folks aren’t on the same page. That would imply that they simply don’t know or don’t care about what the other people in the Trump regime are doing. But Trump knows full well that Pence is in Turkey right now, trying to stop the invasion – and Trump just flatly announced that he’s just fine with the invasion.

Donald Trump just crapped all over Mike Pence on purpose. Maybe Trump simply doesn’t want Pence to show him up on anything in general. Or maybe Trump is trying to take out Pence’s legs on this particular issue because Putin has told him to make sure the Turkish invasion continues. After all, the more danger the Kurds are in, the more they’ll have to rely on Russia for help. Either way, Trump and Pence are trying to sabotage each other in real time.

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