Donald Trump caught sending completely whacked out bonkers unhinged letter to President of Turkey

It’s almost difficult to quantify just how rapidly things are unraveling for Donald Trump right now, and for that matter, how quickly Donald Trump is unraveling. This afternoon he went berserk and attacked Nancy Pelosi to her face during a private meeting, and Pelosi is characterizing the incident as a “meltdown.” Now it turns out Trump has sent a letter to the President of Turkey that’s almost hard to believe.

Trump’s letter to President Erdogan has been obtained by Fox News, and has since been verified by MSNBC. The bottom line is that it’s real, even though it reads like it can’t possibly be real. Remarkably, the letter is dated a week ago. Trump threatened to destroy Turkey’s economy, claiming that he’s already given a “little sample” of what he can do.

The brief letter then ends with this verbiage: “Don’t be a tough guy. Don’t be a fool!” Somewhere in there, Trump also asserted that Erdogan will look like the “devil” if he doesn’t stop killing the Kurds. What kind of world leader writes a letter like this to another world leader? The whole thing reads like one big long deranged Trump Twitter thread, or perhaps more to the point, a Trump parody account.

This letter alone is worthy of being “Exhibit A” in Donald Trump’s inevitable impeachment trial, and after his removal, his mental competency evaluation to see whether he’s able to stand trial for criminal charges. You can read the letter here, and again, keep in mind that multiple major news outlets have confirmed this whacked out gibberish really is real.

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