Donald Trump and Lindsey Graham begin publicly attacking each other as everything falls apart

If Donald Trump understands what his gameplan is for surviving impeachment, he’s the only one who does. Similarly, if Lindsey Graham understands what his gameplan is toward Donald Trump, he’s the only one who understands it. By all outward appearances, neither one of them has any idea what they’re doing – and now its’s all unraveling in public view.

Earlier today we brought you the story of how Lindsey Graham is newly attacking Donald Trump over his decision to pull out of northern Syria, now that Trump is flat out admitting he doesn’t care if the Kurds die. Now it turns out Trump is also attacking Graham over the matter, even going so far as to hint that Graham’s stance is going to hurt him in his reelection effort in South Carolina. So what are these two idiots doing?

Donald Trump has clearly decided that handing northern Syria to Turkey, and driving the Kurds into the arms of Vladimir Putin, is more important than trying to salvage his own dying presidency. Trump is demonstrating that he would be rather be impeached and removed and go to prison, than face whatever fate Putin might have waiting for him. But what is Graham’s deal?

It’s increasingly feeling like there are two different iterations of Lindsey Graham running around, contradicting each other in real time. There’s the Lindsey who is cartoonishly desperate to defend Donald Trump from being impeached, and then there’s the Lindsey who seems to want to find a way to sabotage Trump. Maybe Graham is trying to take Trump down in such a manner that Trump never does figure out it was Graham who took him down. Or maybe Graham is simply barking mad.

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