GOP Senators hit the panic button after Donald Trump burns them yet again

Republican Senators seem to think that if they keep giving Donald Trump yet another chance to set them on fire, maybe this time he won’t actually set them on fire. With their 2020 prospects sinking along with his, the GOP Senators are now openly fuming, fretting, wringing their hands, and showing whatever the opposite of leadership is today – but this may in fact be a turning point.

Just last night, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said he was satisfied with what Donald Trump was doing to walk back his disastrous decision to let Turkey murder the U.S.-allied Kurds. But as always, the egg has landed squarely on Lindsey’s face today, because Trump just told the TV cameras that the Kurds are “not our problem.”

In response, Lindsey Graham told NBC News that “If the President did say that Turkey’s invasion is no concern to us I find that to be an outstanding — an astonishing statement which I completely and totally reject.” Good job, Lindsey, you played yourself for the fool yet again by trusting Trump not to make things even worse. But Graham isn’t the only one sweating it.

Republican Senator Mitt Romney had this response to Donald Trump’s words today: “Oh my goodness gracious.” No really, the Washington Post says that Romney actually said this. He went on to say that abandoning the Kurds is a “very dark moment in American history.” Okay fine, then do something about it. If enough GOP Senators announced right now that they want Trump gone from office, he would indeed be gone by dinnertime. They’re just not going to do it until they reach a point where they’re absolutely sure they’re personally better off by ousting him than by not ousting him.

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