Robert Mueller is building his own de facto Department of Justice by stealing Jeff Sessions’ top people

The Department of Justice has been compromised by a corrupt Attorney General in Jeff Sessions, who is desperate to derail the investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal, which could end up landing him in prison. Now that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been appointed to take over the investigation, it appears he’s come up with a novel way to work around the corrupt nature of Sessions and the broken nature of the DOJ.

This week Robert Mueller revealed that he was hiring Michael Dreeben, who is currently the Deputy Solicitor General at the Department of Justice (link). But this is not merely a one-off coincidence. Last week Mueller hired Andrew Wiessman for his team, another top official at the Department of Justice (link). The pattern here is clear enough: Mueller is raiding Jeff Sessions’ own fridge in order to go after him.

What stands out is how willing top Department of Justice people are to jump ship on their own careers in order to sign on with Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel operation. This suggests that they no longer see working at the DOJ as viable under the corrupt chaos of Jeff Sessions, or that they can’t continue working for him in good conscience, or that they want to be a part of the team that takes him and Donald Trump down.

But regardless of their individual motivations for wanting to join the Special Counsel team, it’s becoming clear that Robert Mueller is building his own de facto independent Department of Justice by hiring away key people from the actual Department of Justice. The big difference is that Mueller’s quasi-DOJ only has one goal: to investigate the Russia scandal from top to bottom no mater where it leads, whether it be the personal financial secrets of Donald Trump, or the secret meetings with Russia that Jeff Sessions keeps getting caught having lied about under oath. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report.

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