Get your popcorn: Preet Bharara is doing his first TV interview since Donald Trump fired him

Former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara has remained in the public eye via his Twitter account in the months since Donald Trump suspiciously fired him, but he’s about to take his public presence to a whole new level. Bharara has finally booked a television interview, in which he’s expected to discuss the details of his firing, what he really thinks of Trump, and more.

The first hint of Preet Bharara’s increased profile came this week when he appeared in the audience during the congressional testimony of former FBI Director Jamey Comey, who was also fired by Donald Trump under suspicious circumstances. Bharara didn’t say anything, but the appearance could be taken as a sign of solidarity. Trump fired them both, along with Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and others, as part of his efforts at sabotaging the Trump-Russia investigation.

ABC This Week host George Stephanopoulos posted the following announcement regarding his upcoming TV interview with Preet Bharara, which is now just thirty-six hours away:

Meanwhile, Preet Bharara retweeted the above tweet, and simply added “Looking forward to this.” Get your popcorn ready. Follow Palmer Report on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report

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