Ted Lieu goes off on Donald Trump’s attorney and suggests he could end up in prison

Congressman Ted Lieu has never been afraid to speak his mind when it comes to Donald Trump’s antics. Lieu is also a former JAG prosecutor with a legal degree, so he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the law. Now he’s going all-in on Trump’s new attorney, whose actions on Trump’s behalf appear to be in violation of professional ethics and maybe even in violation of the law.

Ted Lieu wasted no time on Friday morning, asserting that “Trump’s lawyer is lying. No law prevents Comey from disclosing unclassified conversation. And Congress passed laws to protect whistleblowers.”

But then Lieu took things further by declaring that “Trump’s lawyer is being unethical. Comey can disclose unclassified conversations. That’s why Trump couldn’t stop Comey from testifying.”

Finally, Lieu asserted that both Trump and his attorney could face legal consequences for their actions toward James Comey: “Since NO LEGAL BASIS for this complaint, it would constitute more Obstruction of Justice. Fun fact: WH Counsel for Nixon went to prison.”

You can follow Congressman Ted Lieu’s Twitter account here.

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