Special Counsel Robert Mueller brings in attorney who’s an expert on obstruction of justice

Yesterday, former FBI Director James Comey testified under oath about a number of instances in which Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice by trying to meddle in the FBI’s investigation into his campaign. Today, Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced that he’s hiring one of the world’s foremost legal experts on obstruction of justice.

Mueller has hired Michael Dreeben, who will be leaving his role as deputy solicitor general at the Department of Justice to join the Special Counsel team, according to National Law Journal (link). The timing and nature of this move can’t be seen as a coincidence. This makes fairly clear that, as Comey twice suggested during his testimony, Mueller is in fact targeting Trump for obstruction of justice as we speak. And yesterday appears to have motivated Mueller to push further in that regard. It’s also far from the first high profile hire which Mueller has made in the past week.

Last weekend it was revealed that Robert Mueller had hired James Quarles, who had been part of the Watergate Special Prosecution Force that played a role in taking down Richard Nixon (link). This all points to Mueller using his free reign and unlimited war chest to build an all star team aimed at going after Donald Trump in the fiercest way possible. And the Special Counsel is not the only one pursuing obstruction of justice against Trump at this point.

Earlier today, Senate Judiciary Committee chair Chuck Grassley stated that he was willing to pursue an investigation into Donald Trump’s obstruction of justice if his Democratic counterpart on the committee, Dianne Feinstein, was also willing. That prompted Feinstein to immediately and formally take him up on the matter (link). So at this point both the Special Counsel and the Senate are pursuing Trump for obstruction of justice.

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