Congressman Ted Lieu is attempting to install a psychiatrist in Donald Trump’s White House

If you’ve been observing Donald Trump’s rapidly deteriorating behavior since he took office and you’ve been wondering if he’s suffering from some kind of untreated psychological disorder, you’re far from the only one. One member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Democrat Ted Lieu from California, is so concerned about the matter that he’s now attempting to legally install a psychiatrist in the Trump White House.

Lieu is pointing to Trump’s increasingly bizarre behavior on Twitter, his escalating false claims, his creation of terrorist attacks that never happened, his assertion that any news outlet who claims he’s unpopular must automatically be fake news, and his ongoing obsession with lying about the size of his inauguration crowd, among other concerns, as the basis for filing legislation in the House which would require a full time psychiatrist at the White House.

Congressman Lieu isn’t claiming to be a mental health expert himself, which is why he’s trying to get an actual mental health expert installed in the White House, as the Huffington Post explains. It’s not yet clear what the prospects are for his legislation being passed. House Republicans have shown a willingness to stand by Trump thus far, even with his deteriorating behavior and his increasing unpopularity. But they may be hard pressed to explain why they wouldn’t want a psychiatrist made available to the White House as needed. This is far from Ted Lieu’s first move against Trump.


In addition to Congressman Ted Lieu’s attempt at getting a psychiatrist installed in the Trump White House, he’s also attempted to get Trump’s authority over nuclear weapon launches taken away from him. Lieu has also used more lighthearted measures to try to bring attention to Trump’s malfeasance, such as taping an “Alternative Facts Free Zone” sign to the door of his office, and nicknaming Sean Spicer the “fake press secretary.”

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