Congressman Ted Lieu slams Sean Spicer for being Donald Trump’s “Fake Press Secretary”

If you were outraged today when you heard Donald Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer insisting that inauguration crowds were large and that the media was lying about them having been historically small, it turns out you weren’t the only one. Major news outlets like CNN and the New York Times immediately confirmed that Spicer was making a false claim. United States Congressman Ted Lieu from California took things a step further, slamming and mocking both Trump and Spicer on Twitter.

Congressman Lieu didn’t merely call out Trump and Spicer for their false claims about inauguration attendance; he went on the offensive. “Amusing to watch the agitated @seanspicer lie about crowd size today,” Lieu tweeted about the matter on Saturday evening. “I think I am going to call him a #FakePressSecretary from now on.” Lieu then took another shot at Spicer a few hours later: “Dear #FakePressSecretary @seanspicer: If you are going to lie, at least lie on stuff that isn’t so easy to verify.” Lieu also accused Trump of being “scared” of the Women’s March.


This is notable in that a sitting member of the United States House of Representatives is flatly (and correctly) accusing the White House Press Secretary of lying, on just the second day of the new administration, and taunting him over those lies. You can follow Congressman Ted Lieu on Twitter here. This suggests the Democrats in Congress will be giving Trump’s lies no quarter.

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