Wisconsin officials still can’t explain where the 5,000 fake Donald Trump votes came from

Even after every precinct has reported its voting results and the statewide tallies are published, the numbers can be revised after the fact. Some votes were mistakenly not yet counted when the numbers were reported, and so on. It’s why a state can take weeks to certify its vote totals. So the totals for both candidates can belatedly creep up. But even as Wisconsin prepares for a statewide recount, officials there still can’t explain why Donald Trump’s vote totals have gone down by around five thousand votes since election night.

The before and after vote totals could not be any more clear, and are not remotely in dispute. The day after the election, the New York Times reported on its website that Donald Trump had received a total of 1,409,467 votes in Wisconsin, a number which was based what the precincts in the state themselves had announced. The Times has since updated its website to reflect the current official vote total for Donald Trump in Wisconsin, which is now 1,404,000. However, various news outlets have documented that the NY Times did originally report the 1,409,467 total.

So how did the precincts of Wisconsin manage to collectively credit Donald Trump with nearly five thousand more votes that they now acknowledge never existed? One local Wisconsin official blamed bad math when he tried to explain to the local ABC News affiliate why three precincts in his county had originally announced more votes for President than votes period. Another Wisconsin election official tried to blame a bad modem for supposedly crediting Trump with extra votes.


Jarringly, every one of these “errors” resulted in crediting Donald Trump with more votes than he actually received, without Hillary Clinton’s vote total being affected at all. Major media outlets have failed to point out the absurdity of these excuses, and in fact have failed to report on the Wisconsin discrepancies at all, while barely so much as acknowledging that a recount is underway. But that doesn’t change the fact that Wisconsin initially credited Trump with nearly five thousand supposed votes which, based its own revised numbers, never existed in the first place. And one wonders why Hillary Clinton is now suing Wisconsin.

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