Rigged election: two Wisconsin voting blocks had more ballots cast than registered voters

Even as Wisconsin officials go to court to try to limit the scope of the statewide recount requested by Jill Stein and subsequently backed by Hillary Clinton, more voting anomalies surface within the state by the day. The latest such anomaly, which is more accurately described as a mathematical impossibility, comes from Waukesha County. The elections results on its official website currently list two different instances of more ballots cast than registered voters.

Waukesha County is located in one of the more conservative voting districts in the nation, as evidence by Republican Congressman Paul Ryan’s near-rubber stamp reelection in 2016, as well as the fact that Donald Trump got nearly twice as many votes as Hillary Clinton. But a closer look at the Waukesha originally reported numbers suggests that something is off. The County’s strangely high 89% voter turnout is enough to raise eyebrows on its own. But the true red flag is that two different voting blocks in the county are listed as having had more ballots cast than registered voters.

Take a look at the voting block which Waukesha County labels as 0024 T Oconomowoc W10. It lists eighteen registered voters and twenty-four ballots cast, which it acknowledges is a 133.3% turnout rate. That’s not possible. And if you suspect it may be a one-time typo, take a look further down the list at the voting block labeled 0053 V Menomonee Falls W12. It reports 655 ballots cast from just 647 registered voters, which it acknowledges is a 101.1% turnout rate. Such upside-down numbers are literally impossible under legitimate circumstances. Either Waukesha County has reported these numbers incorrectly, or this is evidence of voter fraud.


This comes even as Wisconsin has revised its statewide vote total for Donald Trump downward by around five thousand votes over the past two weeks, with no real explanation for where those imaginary votes came from to begin with. It’s not immediately clear what the numerical impossibilities in the Waukesha numbers mean, but they’re yet further evidence that a hand recount is necessary in order to solve the growing number of Wisconsin discrepancies.

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