Hillary Clinton sues Wisconsin to force expanded recount

Just hours after Hillary Clinton began signing up volunteers for Jill Stein’s upcoming recount in Wisconsin, Clinton is now suing the state to force an expanded recount. Wisconsin officials have thus far only agreed to a machine recount, but Stein initiated legal action to try to force a hand recount. And now, in a remarkable sign of her seriousness about winning the state, Hillary is also suing.

The lawsuit in question was inevitable. State officials generally to what they can to fight against a recount, both because it’s a hefty undertaking and because it makes them look bad blows back on them if the recounted vote totals are significantly different than the original supposed totals. Jill Stein predicted a legal battle up front when she stated that she would need millions dollars to cover attorneys fees. But what stands out is that Hillary Clinton, according to Wisconsin’s local ABC News affiliate WKOW, has opted to also become a plaintiff in the lawsuit. So what does this mean?


In practical terms, it means that Hillary Clinton’s top attorneys are now helping Jill Stein’s attorneys to fight this battle in court, which likely means a swifter resolution as well as increased odds that a hand recount in Wisconsin will end up happening. In political terms, it means that Clinton is now throwing her full weight and credibility behind the recount in every way possible. It’s unlikely that Hillary would be willing to do so, unless she believes that she has a reasonable chance of winning the state.

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