Oh the irony: Hillary Clinton is the beneficiary as Jill Stein files for recount in swing states

Ask nearly any Hillary Clinton supporter what they think of Jill Stein, and you won’t need anything more than the repulsed reaction on their faces to figure out what they think of her. Stein was the “Green Party” candidate who tried to convince Bernie Sanders supporters to vote for her, even after Bernie strongly endorsed Hillary. Stein also holds such bizarre alt-left views that most mainstream liberals consider her an embarrassment. But now it turns out Jill Stein is filing for a recount in three key swing states where Hillary Clinton lost by razor-thin margins, which is great news for Hillary’s supporters.

The bizarre turn of events comes even as Hillary Clinton’s team has been privately meeting with computer scientists and election lawyers to determine whether filing for a recount will yield any meaningful changes. But now that Jill Stein has announced she’s filing for a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania (source: ABC News), three of the states where Clinton would have been most likely to also challenge the results, the entire game has changed.

To be clear, Jill Stein appears to be using the recount as a mere fundraiser for herself. Earlier today she put up a link asking for millions of dollars so she could fund the recount movement. Election-wise, Stein gains nothing by demanding a recount, as she has no chance of winning anything. It’s likely not a coincidence that Stein chose the same three sites that Hillary Clinton’s supporters have been demanding be recounted, in the hope that Clinton’s supporters will donate to her.


But even with this being a rather blatant publicity stunt Jill Stein’s part, the clear beneficiary is still Hillary Clinton. She will benefit from the recounts in those states, without having to risk looking like a sore loser by being the one to demand those recounts. With the Wisconsin voting totals continuing to shift and Michigan now less than a ten thousand vote gap, these upcoming state-wide recounts may produce some eye opening results.

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