Michigan voting totals revised again, Hillary Clinton climbs to within 10,000 votes

Two weeks after Election Day, the voting tallies in key swing states are still being revised by local officials as they review their own original counting and procedures. And on the same day that one Wisconsin county acknowledged having grossly overstated Donald Trump’s voting total due to an arithmetic error, which puts his razor tight “victory” there in question, it turns out Michigan is now shifting in Hillary Clinton’s favor as well.

The previous voting tally out of Michigan had Donald Trump winning the state by around thirteen thousand votes (source: NY Times), or around 0.3% of the vote. But now, based on updated voting totals from Wayne and Oakland County and elsewhere, Trump’s lead has now been revised downward to less than 10,000 votes, according to the Detroit Free Press. This is still considered an “unofficial” tally, and Michigan won’t certify its final results for another six days. But this comes even as the Clinton campaign has apparently been working behind the scenes all along to figure out how to fight back against what many now believe was a rigged or altered election result.


The Hillary Clinton campaign met with the head of a group of computer scientists from the University of Michigan last Thursday who had uncovered evidence that the election voting totals were “rigged” by outside sources. Lawyers were also involved in the meeting, and while it’s not yet clear to anyone on the outside what Clinton may or may not have up her sleeve, mathematical momentum in key swing states such as Wisconsin and Michigan is clearly shifting in her favor.

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