Hillary Clinton campaign meets with computer scientists who have evidence of rigged election

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In the two weeks since Hillary Clinton’s shocking and widely disputed “loss” to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, she’s been largely out of the public eye. Some of her supporters have wondered aloud if she’s planning to fight what increasingly looks like a rigged election result, or if she’s given up hope of overturning anyway. But as it turns out, her lack of noise has not meant a lack of action. In fact the Hillary campaign has been quietly meeting with computer scientists from the University of Michigan who believe they’ve uncovered mathematical evidence that the voting tallies were indeed rigged against her.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta met with “University of Michigan Center for Computer Security and Society” Director J. Alex Halderman on Thursday, along with general counsel Marc Elias and prominent voting rights attorney John Bonifaz. No one involved publicized the meeting at the time, and for unknown reasons, news of the meeting is just now leaking out via The Week.

What’s not yet leaked out is what, if anything, Hillary Clinton and her team may be privately planning to do about the matter. Over the past week a number of inconsistencies and irregularities and seeming mathematical impossibilities have been uncovered in the various swing states where she was supposed to win, but Donald Trump stunningly won instead. Just today, one Wisconsin county acknowledged that it erred severely in Trump’s favor, revising its number and making his already tiny margin of victory there even more in doubt.

There was also impossible math in Florida, along with half a dozen other things that simply didn’t add up. This meeting with computers scientists now raises the question of whether Hillary Clinton and her team have been publicly silent because they haven’t seen a path forward, or because they simply haven’t wanted to tip off whatever they’re working on behind the scenes.

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