Jill Stein confirms she’s filed appeal with Michigan Supreme Court to restart recount

Despite the misleading and inaccurate headlines emanating from various major news outlets last night, the Michigan recount effort is not over. Even as nearly every other news outlet was reporting last night that the recount was “dead” or “finished,” Palmer Report accurately reported that Jill Stein was preparing a case for the Michigan Supreme Court in order to get the recount restarted. And today, Stein herself confirmed that she has in fact filed with the state Supreme Court.

“Yesterday, we appealed to the Michigan Supreme Court, and are calling on the Court to do its job and consider our appeal,” Jill Stein tweeted today. Before Stein announced anything, Palmer Report had already found this information buried deep in an Associated Press report whose headline incorrectly made it sound like the recount effort was finished.


Moreover, we also reported last night that Jill Stein has already been working on a strategy for forcing two Michigan Supreme Court Justices to recuse themselves, due to the fact that they both appeared on Donald Trump’s list of potential U.S. Supreme Court nominees – meaning they can’t be impartial about whether to a recount should continue that could cost Trump the presidency. As these developments play out, although the Michigan recount is on pause, it’s clearly still alive and kicking. We’re as confused as anyone else as to why the major media outlets continue to report on the recount effort in an insufficient and often incorrect manner.

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