Recount: Jill Stein moves to disqualify two Republican justices from Michigan Supreme Court

It turns out that Jill Stein has been planning a few steps ahead in Michigan all along. In a whirlwind week which has already seen a federal judge rule on Sunday night that a statewide recount must immediately begin, followed by three subsequent court rulings that have brought the recount to a halt, Stein appears to have known all along that this matter would eventually end up in front of the Michigan Supreme Court. And she put a plan in motion a little while ago to get two Republican judges on the Michigan Supreme Court disqualified.

Republican justices are more likely to rule against the recount moving forward, because they want Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s victory to remain intact for ideological reasons. And while that’s their prerogative in general, it becomes an ethical quandary if they’re facing a potential promotion in a Trump administration. As such, Jill Stein moved earlier in the week to get Chief Justice Robert Young Jr. and Justice Joan Larsen disqualified from the case because they’ve both been mentioned by Trump as potential nominees for the United States Supreme Court.


That prevents either of the two Republican justices from being able to rule on the recount in an impartial manner, according to Jill Stein’s motion, which has been documented by the Detroit Free Press newspaper. Meanwhile tonight’s Associated Press report reveals that Stein is now planning to take her case to the Michigan Supreme Court that she’s already trying to carve up. If Young and Larsen are indeed disqualified, then her odds of winning increase greatly. Stein could also file with the U.S. Supreme Court as a final step.

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