Alleged wife-beater Donald Trump picks two other alleged wife-beaters for his administration

If you’ve followed the news closely, you’re aware that one of Donald Trump’s first moves as “president-elect” was to appoint Steve Bannon as his White House Chief Strategist. Bannon is an anti-semitic misogynistic white supremacist and all around horrifying person. But he also allegedly assaulted his wife (source: Politico), and then allegedly intimidated her into not showing up for the trial. And now it turns out Trump has picked a second alleged wife beater for his administration.

With all the backlash Donald Trump is already receiving for his recent selection of Carl’s Jr. boss Andrew Puzder for Secretary of Labor, a guy who more or less thinks the minimum wage shouldn’t exist, one major detail about him was nearly overlooked. Puzder’s wife has accused him of getting violent with her multiple times over the years, according to this thoroughly researched Crooks and Liars report. In one instance, in which Puzder was accused of getting violent with his wife while they were in the car, he tried to explain it away by claiming that he was merely drunk driving.

That’s right, Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Labor is a guy who once used the legal defense of ‘I wasn’t beating my wife, I was just drunk driving at the time.’ And let’s not forget that Donald Trump’s own ex-wife Ivana has publicly accused him of specific acts of violence against her (source: The Daily Beast). That means Trump is an alleged wife beater, his White House Chief Strategist is an alleged wife beater, and his Labor Secretary is an alleged wife beater and confirmed drunk driver. But that’s just the start of the crime spree.

Additionally, Donald Trump’s National Security advisor Michael Flynn has previously been disciplined for leaking classified information to Pakistan (source: CNN). And his potential Secretary of State pick David Petraeus has previously been convicted for leaking classified information to his mistress (source: Business Insider). In fact Petraeus would need his probation officer’s approval to travel for the job.


Meanwhile Trump’s HUD Secretary pick Ben Carson has admitted to attempted murder (source: video interview). Trump has already put together the most embarrassingly criminal administration in U.S. history, and he hasn’t even yet rounded out his cabinet.

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