After Donald Trump tweets the wrong Ivanka, she replies by lecturing him on the issues

Donald Trump went off the rails on Monday night, more so than usual, when his desperate need to retweet positive things about himself from random followers led him to end up messaging the wrong Ivanka. He thought he was tagging his daughter on Twitter, but instead he ended up tagging some other random woman with the same first name who lives in Europe. That led to all kinds of Twitter chaos for the evening. But when she finally replied back to him the next morning, she got the upper hand.

Try this book, Donald.

Trump quoted a tweet from some random user named “Dr. Goodspine” who had said something positive about Ivanka Trump but had invoked the wrong username. Donald, not knowing the difference, ended up bringing a British woman named Ivanka Majic briefly front and center in American politics. She gained around seven thousand followers overnight, and presumably received too many reply messages to count. But in the morning, she simply replied with the following:

“You’re a man with great responsibilities. May I suggest more care on Twitter and more time learning about climate change.”

Al Gore was right all along.

Meanwhile, Dr. Goodspine ended up quitting Twitter over the matter, with someone else gobbling up his username and gaining followers by impersonating him.

But it was Ivanka Majic who got the last laugh: her reply in which she lectured Donald Trump about climate change has now been retweeted more than nine thousand times. That’s more retweets than Trump’s original errant “Ivanka” tweet got to begin with.


Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump has offered no reply. Perhaps she should teach her father how Twitter works. After all, the other Ivanka just taught him how climate change works.

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