Donald Trump creates international incident by tweeting the wrong Ivanka

Just an hour ago, we noted that Donald Trump had been remarkably quiet thus far on Twitter today, not having posted a single angry or divisive tweet all day, and not having posted anything at all in eleven hours. Sure enough, a mere twenty minutes after we noted it, Trump began tweeting angry and defensive things again – and this time he tagged the wrong Ivanka, setting off a weird controversy.

Trump had gone weeks without quote-tweeting random supporters who said something he agreed with, a practice which had gotten him in trouble in the past when some of the people he retweeted were neo nazis and such. But when he resumed the practice this evening, the controversy didn’t stem from whom he was quoting, but rather who was mentioned in those quotes. Trump quoted someone named @drgoodspine who had said something nice about Ivanka Trump:

The trouble: that’s not Ivanka Trump’s Twitter account. Instead, the @Ivanka account belongs to some woman in Great Britain who identifies herself as being a Labour voter, and therefore probably hates Donald Trump. It’s the middle of the night for her, but we presume she’ll have something to say about it when she wakes up.


In any case the “president-elect” of the United States doesn’t appear to know his own daughter’s Twitter name, and accidentally sent dircted his teeming masses at some random British woman, creating something of an international incident.

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