Donald Trump tries to distract from deepening financial scandals by bringing back Ben Carson

In the fourteen days since Donald Trump was named the apparent winner of the 2016 election by virtue of an Electoral College fluke, despite the fact that he lost in a popular vote blowout, his brief tenure as “president-elect” has been marked entirely by mass protests and Twitter hissy fits and financial scandal. And on a day in which the latter grew dramatically worse for him, Trump tried to distract the American public from his financial fraud by once again threatening to put Ben Carson on his cabinet.

Just four days after Donald Trump paid $25 million to the thousands of Trump University students across the nation who had accused him of fraud, he’s now facing widespread accusations of already trying to use the office of the presidency to illegally enrich his personal business interests. And today his Trump Foundation scandal finally exploded, after the Foundation formally admitted that he’s been using the supposed charity as a personal slush fund. So what did Trump do today in response to his myriad deepening financial scandals?

“I am seriously considering Dr. Ben Carson as the head of HUD,” announced Donald Trump this morning on his now infamous Twitter account, even though Carson has already publicly stated that he doesn’t view himself as being qualified for any cabinet position. “I’ve gotten to know him well – he’s a greatly talented person who loves people,” continued Trump, in spite of the fact that Trump once compared Carson to a “child molester.”


Ben Carson has already publicly stated that he doesn’t want a cabinet position. And the reason should be obvious enough: Carson’s entire erratic campaign for president was conducted in the manner of a cash grab, stopping to do book tours in the middle of the primary season and other stunts. Cabinet members can’t easily make money from their position, and Carson can make far more cash on the lecture circuit. But now that Trump is facing an outburst of financial scandals, he’s hoping to wave Carson’s controversial name around as a distraction.

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